Bags of Change: Carrot Better Than Stick


As we reported previously, folks like San Francisco, China, Australia, IKEA and Whole Foods are jumping aboard the ban wagon with regard plastic shopping bags. Ireland took a different approach years ago with their PlastTax of a several pence per bag, but consumers soon grew accustomed to this and the tax was increased.

But the UK’s ‘Bags of Change’ has really engaged the grey matter on this issue. Their creative out-of-the-box thinking avoids those stick type approaches. Instead, Bags of Change encourages responsible shopping bag use by dangling a tasty carrot. In short you get a discount at any participating store into which you to take their funky organic hemp-cotton or Amazonian latex bags. So far over 50 stores are involved. It’s such a simple, yet innovative idea that founders, school teacher Faith Simpson, and researcher Dr Hugh Willbourn scored big at the 2007 Green England Awards picking up ‘Best Green Company.’ Learn more at ::Bags of Change.

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