Bags for the People Brings Reusable Bags to NYC Communities For Free

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The premise for Bags for the People is a simple one: Give away free reusable bags made from used clothing, break people's addiction to the plastic scourge.

The New York City-based non-profit also conducts bag-making workshops for both kids and seniors, providing hands-on experience with sewing machines while addressing the environmental impact of plastic bags in a creative way.

Why free?

Our bags are free so no one is excluded from actively participating in this simple lifestyle change. We want our bags to be a truly positive experience that will create dialogue and instill environmentally conscious thought while cutting back on plastic bag usage. Furthermore, for us, it is about our environment and making positive change, not making money.

If this sounds like a cause worth cottoning onto, you're in luck. Bags for the People will be holding a benefit on Sunday, May 24, 2009, at the K&M; Bar in Brooklyn. Hosted by the Shiny Squirrel, it promises to be a night of music, raffles, free shots, and spontaneous bag-making. Viva la revolucion!

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Photo credit: Bags for the People
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