Back to Work Dresswear

We understand that the days are shortening up north and for many the holiday is over. Drat, it’s back to work. And for some of you, the white shirts have to be pressed, as the suit is once again donned. Maybe you’ve gotten with the program and invested in some Boll organic cotton business shirts and are wondering how else you can take some treehuggery to the office. Well, you could wear it on your sleeve, Literally. The cufflinks shown here are made from salvaged circuit boards. Crafted by Motherboard, who have been doing this sort of work since 1991, the links themselves are sterling silver. If you want other options try Eco-Artware, who offer cuff links made from obsolete mass transit tokens, from a variety of city around the US. Even go the whole hog and try their tie tac, fashioned with old style typewriter keys. Not wishing to be genderist, we have included bike valve earrings for women, which are part of the wider range of jewellery found at Eco-Artware. ::Motherboard