Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands

Baby Be Mine belly bands photo

Maternity garb might be considered the ultimate in disposable clothing. After all, they're not meant to last more than a few months.

Women who want to keep their pregnancy carbon footprints petite have a few options: Scrounge for hand-me-downs from their girlfriends, shop at consignment stores, or use belly bands, which are stretchy tubes of fabric that can extend the life of your "skinny" clothes and, more important, conceal unbuttoned pants.
If you're looking for belly bands cut from a more sustainable cloth, Baby Be Mine is one company that offers bands made from 100 percent bamboo. Naturally breathable and antibacterial, these maternity bands will help lengthen your pre-pregnancy tops while smooshing down open flies, so no one's the wiser. ::Baby Be Mine
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