B-Love Sustainable Clothing Showcased at IUCN Congress

B-Love Clothing Lynx Shirt Photo

Photo of Lynx Shirt Courtesy of B-Love Clothing.

Two Canadians living in Granada, Spain are producing some very impressive, sustainable shirts using refurbished materials and all vegetable inks. Ben and Craig, also known as B-Love Clothing , are making these unique shirts by hand and bringing them and their eco-friendly clothing message to the people.

As they say on their website, "All B-Love clothing and accessories are made from recycled fabrics. New life is given to starting materials as they are altered, while reducing environmental impact. Often animals appear in the unique and sustainable clothing environments that are created."
In fact, some of their shirts feature endangered species like the lynx, and the pointy-eared squirrel, while others are adorned by a landscape in the province of Granada where you can see olive groves and modern windmills. Their shirts are sold as unisex, so for the ladies it may not be your thing (depends on your taste), but we like them. They also create hankies, ties, wristbands and bags made with recycled materials.

B-Love Clothing Ties Photo

Ties by B-Love Clothing.

B-Love Clothing is seriously reducing the impacts of those unwanted garments. We previously reported that the reuse of 1 tonne of cotton clothing only uses 2.6% of the energy required to manufacture them from virgin materials. So these garments are reducing your fashion-related environmental impacts by extending the life cycle of old shirts.

I found B-Love because one of my associates owns one of their stylish, sustainable pieces. We are designing the stand for the Government of Spain for the IUCN World Conservation Congress that is taking place this upcoming week in Barcelona. All of the "hosts" that will be at the stand will be adorned with these handmade eco-friendly shirts. If you're in Barcelona for the Congress, come and check them out.

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