Aveda's "Envirometal" Compact Collection


Aveda has made TreeHugger several times, with their Eco-Overnight Pack (featured in the 2006 Holiday Gift Guide), their Environmental Awards and their launch of "Ecoture" fashion collection. We enjoy learning about all the products that Aveda launches, particularly because they are always working hard to improve their sustainability. The latest thing we're intrigued by: the Environmetal (note no "n") Compact Collection. Three different re-fillable compacts are offered and each is made of recycled metal and has a lead-free mirror. They are portable and small enough to fit in our purse. Personally, we like the Essentials Envirometal Compact which includes two eye colors, one cheek color and even a lipstick color. A perfect companion for a night on the town. Via ::Mother Earth News ::Aveda