Aveda: Madrid Salon Saves Water


We've mentioned in the past that Aveda has been a favorite of ours. Not just because they make great products like the "Envirometal" Compact collection and the Eco-Overnight Pack (which we also featured in our Holiday Gift Guide), but because we like their Soil to Bottle philosophy as well. The project aims to follow the step by step the journey of the essential oils used in Aveda products, from where they are farmed to the moment they get put in a bottle. What caught our eye recently when reading the latest Aveda news, is a cool concept that they utilize in their Madrid salon (shown here). The company has installed a system in that the water used to rinse out hair color is then "recycled" for the toilets. They have a sign in the bathroom telling users not to be alarmed if the water is a strange color, because it just means that someone had a color service that day! We have to admit that we're wondering what kind of feedback they've gotten from their customers, but we're even more curious if they plan to roll this concept out to all of their other salons as well. ::Aveda

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