Attention Holiday Shoppers, Greenopia Ranks Greenest Big Box Retailers

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If you live in a town where Big Box retailers are the go-to destination for holiday shopping, Greenopia's 2010 Guide to the Greenest Retailers is for you. The online directory has released their annual research-based list of the greenest retailers, ranking Walmart, Best Buy, Office Depot, Target, and others, on their efforts to be environmentally-conscious. Find out who the greenest major retailer is, below.Greenopia collected data from the companies and rated them on their transparency, renewable energy sourcing, transportation fleet, stock, consumer take-back programs, and green building initiatives.

From Greenopia's press release:

The greenest major retailer, receiving 4 out of 4 Greenopia Leafs was Ikea. Retail giants Walmart, Best Buy, and Office Depot were the next greenest, all receiving 2 out of 4 possible leafs.

In addition to providing consumers with a comprehensive guide to shopping big box retailers, the report also reveals progress. Doug Mazeffa, research director of Greenopia, says, "The most surprising finding in this year's study was that every single retailer we looked at showed some improvement since last year's guide."

Visit Greenopia for the complete guide.

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