Ashley Watson's Recycled Leather Bags at Beklina


The online eco-fashion store Beklina has just let us know that they are now stocking these gorgeous recycled leather bags by Ashley Watson. This Canadian designer tells us that she was first inspired to make a bag out of recycled leather when she was stuck on an island at her parents house. Needing something to do she decided to get creative with her Dad's old leather jacket. Ashley says, "I ended up really liking the result. The seams and pockets of the jacket were a nice starting point and the worn out quality of the leather was great." She now sources all her leather from charity thrift stores. When we asked Ashley how she makes her bags she explained, "My bags are all made from old leather jackets and other clothes so on each bag there is, for example, a pocket from the original jacket, sometimes belts loops and a lot of the original seam. I use a pattern and then cut my pieces out of the jackets, trying to keep the good stuff. So, this said I don't dye my leathers, I just have to find these crazy colours." Sounds like fun! Ashely thinks so, "I really like that they are one of a kind. I think I am more of an artist than a fashion designer and so I like that each bag has its own design problems that I need to solve and work out." :: Ashley Watson ::Beklina

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