Ascension Opens The First Ethical Fashion Store in Central London

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Images via Ascension

This year Adili, one of the UK's favourite online ethical fashion sites, have renamed themselves Ascension and with that, taking their new name quite literally, have promptly ascended to new heights of fashion fabulousness! With a new name comes not only a new look, but also a new prime time location in the middle of London's chicest shopping district. Ascension has set up shop just a handbag swing away from Bond Street in the beautiful St Christopher's Place off Oxford Street. Let's take a look inside....Keeping it simple + chic
Last week saw the official opening of the spacious new Ascension store which has been simply, but beautifully decorated with a lick of Farrow and Balls' ammonia and formaldehyde free Wimborne White paint. The Ascension team tell us that they have reused many of the previous owner's fittings, finding no reason to throw them away. "This is quite unusual for a retailer, as many rip everything out and start with a blank canvas. But at Ascension we do things differently. Why throw out something that is perfectly good and has the chance for another lease of life?

inside ascension store photo

Restored furniture
In amongst the beautiful clothes in the store we noticed some lovely furniture dotted around the shop floor. The large cash desk at the front of the store is the centre piece, it has been constructed from old palettes and painted Wimborne white to match the walls. The other tables and chairs have been sourced from Edward Oliver, a craftsman local to Ascension's HQ's in Dorset. Oliver "sources wonderful old pieces of furniture and then gives them a new lease of life, by turning them back to their original state or popping a coat of paint on to give them a modern look."

inside ascension store photo

Inspiring artwork
As well as offering the best in ethical fashion the Ascension team tell us that part of their goal for the shop "is to also showcase artists and designers work that share our philosophy - highlighting those who may not have any other outlet to sell their work." Edward Oliver's paintings on reclaimed doors and floorboards are exhibited on the walls and we loved the flutter of ceramic butterflies travelling up the stair wall. This installation by artist Christine Sterlini was handcrafted to raise awareness of depression, inspired by the UK's dwindling number of butterflies, Christine has adopted these "as an emblem to accentuate people's struggle to survive in an unaccommodating society."

Ascension artwork photo

Easy access to ethical fashion
While dedicated followers of ethical fashion have enjoyed visiting the excellent Equa boutique tucked away in north London for some time, now we are delighted that Ascension has placed itself in an inspiring space in the heart of the city. We must say the store, in its chic minimalism, does not look a jot out of place next to the mainstream fashion boutiques that are its neighbours. It is great news that many thousands more shoppers now have easy access to ethical fashion brands including People Tree, Komodo, Kuyichi, Noir, Beyond Skin, as well as Ascension's own label.

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