Artist Turns Trash in to Rainbows (Unicorn Not Included)

Liz Jones Rubbish RainbowsPhotos courtesy of Liz Jones

Melbourne-based artist and jeweler Liz Jones is a bit of a magician, turning trash into beautiful rainbows. Her art is gorgeous, but sadly just a 20-minute stroll on a nearby beach is more than enough time to collect the supplies needed for just one rainbow.The photographs look like the Smurfs declared an all-out war against the Care Bears using sporks and Barbie accessories as weaponry. Or simply put, rainbows.

Liz Jones Rubbish Rainbows

Jones has been collecting and recycling materials in to her art and jewelry since 2005. She uses everything from buttons to vintage linoleum which makes her pieces all one of a kind. In 2008 she began photographing what she saved from the landfill. But it was a vacation to Victorian beach in 2009, along with a really large bag of rubbish, that inspired the Skittle-esque photos you see.

She calls them Rubbish Rainbows.

"My first thought was to bin it all, but then the pretty colours were itchin for a quick sorting...and then I wanted to document it," she explained to me. Not everything she collects makes it into the photographs. The picture below would have been 4-times the size had she used all the Coke bottle lids she found that day.

Liz Jones Rubbish Rainbows

She goes to the beach about once a month but also gathers trash from nearby creeks which she visits daily.

"I am yet to find any real treasure, but would get a thrill if I discovered something really ancient and historical," she confesses. I would have to disagree. Her art is the pot of gold.

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Liz Jones Rubbish Rainbows
Liz Jones Rubbish Rainbows
Liz Jones Rubbish Rainbows

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