Andean Collection Fuses Eco-Chic Jewelry With Social Conscience

Andean Collection photo

Photo credit: Andean Collection

From superfood to super-chic, acai doesn't belong just in your power smoothie. The Andean Collection will ply your ears, necks, and wrists with the multitasking berry, along with other sustainably harvested nuts and seeds gathered from the rainforests of South America.A pending member of the Fair Trade Federation, the Andean Collection presents vibrant, jewel-tone trinkets handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans who have a 10 percent financial stake in the company. (A scholarship program for their children is also in the works.)

Its wares are eminently affordable: You can get a pair of classy black orbs, fashioned from naturally iridescent jabon seeds, for just $19, while two Andrew Jacksons and an Alexander Hamilton ($50) can snag you a striking aquamarine necklace pieced together from flat, diamond-shape tagua ivory.

Or don a fetching bracelet strung from naturally dyed pambil pods that look like chocolate Easter eggs. A cluster of scarlet-and-black huayruro seeds, used by Peruvians for centuries to attract wealth and fortune, will add a punch of instant drama to any ensemble and send friends clamoring to get a piece of the action.

And they'd be nuts not to.

Andean Collection photo

Photo credit: Andean Collection
Andean Collection photo

Photo credit: Andean Collection
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