An Oxygen Tank-Equipped Bubble Dress Makes Air Pollution Irrelevant


Images courtesy of Hana Marie Newman. Photographer: Rick Wray. Model: Yasmin Bilbeisi

Air pollution is a major issue: it has been linked to asthma, heart disease, appendicitis, and even suicide. There are a lot of things we can do to improve air quality, but they're pretty much all dependent on cooperating with other people. And who wants to do that?

NYU student Hana Marie Newman has come up with a solution much better adapted to the rugged individualism that defines America: a bubble dress with a built-in air purification system.


The dress, called "8," is equipped with an oxygen tank that pumps in purified air, so the wearer no longer has to fret about whether the surrounding, polluted air is going to give her a heart attack. Our air quality problems are solved!

Newman writes:

8 challenges inverted quarantine and the response to perceived toxic environments by exposing it's folly and highlighting the next trend in the green movement with an elegant dress.

8 exposes the wearer while closing her off. It glorifies the oxygen tank and is a constant reminder to the user that she is breathing clean air and to the audience that they are not. It is a catalyst for a larger conversation questioning how what we do individually influences the way we collectively solve problems and raises airwareness.


The 8 is a smart and funny commentary on our air quality problems. And it's a good thing the design isn't really going to hit the streets. Though some more personal space might be nice, New York's streets are crowded enough without everyone strapping on enormous glass bubble dresses. (Though you'll have plenty of room if you take the Hummer.)

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