An Organic Sports Bra that Holds Your iPod, Too

mi bra ipod photo

Image via Mi-Bra.

For women who love to run with music: a sports bra that has a pocket up front for your iPod -- and no, bouncing breasts do not charge your iPod while you run -- MP3 player, credit card, or cash, and a small space to thread headphones through, too. Like Starre, over at Eco-Chick, I like to have easy access to my iPod mid run; arm bands slide down when loose and hurt my arm when too tight. And since sports bras are commonly made with polyester, we're happy to see that the Mi-Bra, which retails for a reasonable $20, is made with organic cotton. More action photos:



According to Eco-Chick, "a portion of the proceeds of the bra benefit Back on My Feet, a charity organization that uses running as a means to get homeless men and women back into jobs and school."

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