An Eco-Conscious Shoe Company Delivers via Carrier Pigeon (Video)


Image via YouTube screengrab.

When Chris and Mat started their shoe company, Jojo, they had the environment in mind. That's why delivering the product to customers was so problematic: carbon emissions. So the duo settled on a delivery system that doesn't depend on fuel- just feed. If you buy a pair of Jojo shoes, keep an eye to the sky: they're delivered by carrier pigeon.

Pigeons, who deserve credit for being a lot more than rats with wings, have a remarkable sense of direction and visual memory. So to get their shoes delivered, the Jojo team asks customers to e-mail a picture of their house along with their order. The idea is not only original and funny, but far outstrips Fed Ex's recent (and commendable) efforts to develop a fleet of EV delivery vehicles.

The entire Jojo process gets credit for keeping things sustainable: the shoes are made of natural cotton in eco- and worker-friendly conditions in China. For every purchase, the customer gets the choice between supporting planting trees in Africa and building water pumps in Sierra Leone.

So if you like the look of the shoes and get handle the price (around 80 euros the pair) and some pigeon droppings on the box, order a pair today. Just make sure to keep your window open.

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