Amuse Yourself and Your Cat With Biodegradable Kit-A-Loons

I don't have pets anymore; I have children instead, and they generate even more of a carbon footprint than cats' carbon paw print. But back in the days when I was a cat-lover, I would have loved a hilarious and practical cat toy like Kit-A-Loons. Catnip toys are all well and good, but variety is the spice of lazy kitties' lives. Plus, if you watch these videos a couple of times, you'll realize that Kit-A-Loons will exercise your cat and keep it amused, and they'll absolutely crack you up. Cheap entertainment is good these days.

So right now you may be thinking, this is kind of a silly thing, and yes, it is. Silly, yet relatively harmless. The Kit-A-Loons are made from 100 percent biodegradable latex - which the manufacturer said degrades as quickly in nature as an oak leaf. (I have to say I'd bet on the oak leaf.) Pioneer, the balloon maker, also says it uses water-based inks. There still does remain the question of how to dispose of these guys...could the NatureMill handle them, I wonder? Another plus with Kit-A-Loons is that they come 20 to a package, so no chance of losing the pet toys for awhile.

Paper Forever Bouquet photo
Anyway, Kit-A-Loons are the brain children of Ashley Connors and Hannah Lavon, who last year started Hoopla. The duo is trying to use recycled and recyclable in their funny designs, according to Curbly. (Kit-A-Loons packaging bag is compostable.) They also have a product that you might want on next year's what-to-do-at-valentine's-day list: the Forever Bouquet. With these flowers there's no guilt about pesticides, and no need to ever take the droopy, dead stems out to the compost pile (or even worse, the regular garbage). Via: Curbly and Hoopla
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