Amazon Oil Candle Repels Bugs Naturally

In Italy, home to this Treehugger, blood-sucking insects are not only smarter, smaller, and silent—by some freak act of science, they stick around for 10 months out of the year. So a natural insect-repelling candle like the Garden Candle, produced by Amazon Lights, is essential to terrazzo gatherings. In addition to citronella, rosemary, and thyme, the candle contains oil wax harvested by indigenous Amazon tribes from the fruit of the Andiroba tree—also known as the Brazilian mahogany. This oil magically makes pesky insects lose their appetite (meaning, they don’t feel like snacking on you). Plus, since the candle does not kill, just repels, it is not an environmentally-altering insecticide.

And we should probably mention it actually smells good...the Garden Candle burns with this subtle crushed pine needle scent for up to 28 hours. Amazon Lights lists its price as somewhere between $8 and $12. Email for retail locations. More about the Andiroba oil...Andiroba oil has long been a medicine cabinet staple for Amazon tribes. In addition to repellent, the oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory aid, itch relief for bites and stings, liniment for muscle fatigue, lamp oil, massage oil, anti-arthritic and psoriasis aid, and scar healing. Amazon Lights, a supporter of the Community Trade in the Brazilian Amazon, purchases the oil through the Amazon Co-op, a non-profit organization which raises donations and develops sustainable businesses for eight Indian tribes in the Brazilian Amazon. ::Amazon Lights ::Amazon Co-op