Alter Mundi: Parisian Eco Chic

Alter Mundi is a Parisian eco-boutique. What makes it different from ones in Montreal, London or Rome? It's the individual sense of style of each country that is reflected in the stores that make it so interesting to compare them. The Montreal and English shops carry the work of mainly local clothing designers. The French are great globetrotters; they love South America and have strong ties to the French speaking countries in Asia. Plus there are many African immigrants in Paris. The mix that is in the shops reflects this eclecticism. Alter Mundi has a furniture and a fashion shop. Much of the fashion comes from Brazil—there are colourful cotton running shoes, by Veja, made from organic cotton, that would make any outfit look hip. As well as tee-shirts by "Tu Do Bom" (how are you). The men's say tu do bom? on the front; the women's are classically designed in bright colours. The handbags are from Cambodia, made of recycled rice bags and India--made of recycled plastic. We loved the bags by Zaza Factory made by Burmese women in Mynamar as well as the funky earrings and necklaces that they have created. They would go well with the cheery sundresses from Cambodia made of organic cotton. When in Paris this is just the place to get that international chic look of green french fashion. Merci à Kyeann Sayer. :: Alter Mundi

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