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Seems like "facial cleansing cloths" are popping up everywhere these days (I even got them in my stocking this year) - aimed at simplifying your life, or at least taking some of the time out of taking your face off at the end of the day or a long night of partying. Kaia now offers bamboo facial cleansing cloths as a green alternative to facial freshness, but are they really necessary?After doing a little research, most facial cloths come chock full of ingredients that will twist your tongue, and your brain, into knots. The Kaia bamboo cloths at least come with ingredients like organic canadian honey, 8 essential oils, oat amino acids, and sunflower seed oils. These items are a name and a face that you can maybe picture. The cloths do come with fatty alcohols though, which may dry out your skin, so beware. Mainstream cloths, according to the Environmental Working Group, on the other hand contain things like urea, use animal testing and are linked to things like developmental/reproductive toxicity, cancer and allergies.

These bamboo cloths are biodegradable, which means in theory they will break down - though not if you just toss them in your trash can, seal them up in a plastic garbage bag and chuck them into a landfill. Bamboo, while fast growing and relatively sustainable to grow, has a pretty toxic and energy -intensive manufacturing process. So, while bamboo is okay compared to a lot of alternatives, it's still not perfect.

Ultimately it comes down to - do you really need packaged facial cleansing cloths? Do you get a benefit because these are pre-moistened and you don't have to waste water scrubbing your face, or would a good old bar of soap and water do the trick? For airplane travel, or for a refresher mid-day at work, these just might do the trick, but at $18 a package, they won't come cheap.

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