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Indigenous Designs helped find a niche for Alpaca in the western wardrobes, Icebreaker almost singlehandedly rediscovered Merino wool for performance outdoor apparel, Finisterre are saving an unique British breed of sheep from oblivion by commercialising Bowmont wool, and as we have mentioned before Khunu is currently leading the charge on Yak wool product from Mongolia.*

A recent addition to their small, but growing range, is the Mongolia Travel Wrap. "Crafted by Mongolia's oldest textile workshop from 100% hand-combed yak down, collected from herders in the remote Arkhanghai mountains."

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As you can see from the above image, there is no need to dye the Mongolian Travel Wrap, because the majority of Yaks are already brown to begin with. No dyes means less chemicals in the production process.

The body of the Wrap itself is 100% Yak, while the edge trim is 100% cashmere. Speaking of cashmere Khunu are of the belief that yak wool is more durable and pill resistant than cashmere, yet 10-15% warmer than Merino, as well as being softer. And like the Khunu mens and womens yak wool sweaters, 2% of sales from the Wrap are donated back to nomadic Himalayan families.

* It should be noted that back in 1997 EcoDragon were pioneering sweaters from Tibetan yak wool and Mongolian camel hair, versions of which you can still pick up via Rawganique.

And as we observed last week eco clothier Nau have picked up on the benefits of yak fibre, including it (as a blend with organic cotton) for their Fall 2011 range.

But all these asides aside, Khunu has the most complete line of 100% yak wool around the traps. Check it out.

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