'All Thrifty States' Photo Project Documents America's Consumption Habits (Video)

all thrifty states photo

Jenna Isaacson Pfueller, right, with friend. Photo: All Thrifty States

When I was growing up my older sister often joked that my parents had actually found me at a flea market--which, for the record, is just not true-- and so when I first read about thrift store photo project "All Thrifty States: Documenting what Americans Throw Away," it--ahem--hit close to home.

Jenna Isaacson Pfueller, a laid-off journalist based in Washington, D.C., believes thrift stores are a great case study of American culture and "dumping grounds" that illustrate America's consumption patterns, which is why she's hit the road running with her documentary photo project that will visit thrift stores in all fifty states. But wait, there's more.

The project has already been underway for more than a year but for Pfueller to complete the project, which includes a book and website, she needs to raise some major moolah, which is why she set up a page on Kickstarter to reach her goal of $7,000--she's already 1/7 of the way! Watch her campaign video, below.

Overall the project aims to bring consumerism habits to light and encourage a more second-hand lifestyle. And she plans to practice what she preaches by going second-hand herself with her transportation and travel gear.

Follow the project at All Thrifty States. what's your favorite thrift store find? Which items did you discard that you wish you never owned? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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