Alexander Julian Designs Green UNC Graduation Regalia

alexander julian green graduation gown photo

Alexander Julian with his "true Carolina Blue"- and green-designed UNC regalia. Courtesy photo: UNC

Fashion designer Alexander Julian has clearly had enough of the University of North Carolina's aqua graduation gowns, he's gone and given his alma mater's regalia a "true Carolina Blue" makeover and used recycled materials in the process, too, according to UNC, via Ecouterre.

Pointing out that regalia is worn only once, UNC stated in their news release, that the timing was right for their gowns to be made with recycled materials. Julian worked with Oak Hall Cap & Gown, who supplied a fabric made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, to create the "first designer regalia in the country," but the process wasn't without trial and error.

The initial fabric was manufactured abroad in Asia so Oak Hall found a local manufacturer in North and South Carolina to supply the fabric. The final gowns will be sewn in Virginia and I'm sure the ladies will be pleased with Julian's finishing touch to the design: he removed one of the pleats for a more "flattering look." The True Blue gown will cost students $54.99, $5 more than last year's regalia.

Is UNC your alma mater? What do you think of the new True Blue gowns? Let us know, below, and if you're at the Commencement ceremony on March 17, tell us in the comment section below, what they look like in person.

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