Afterglow Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Puts Your Best Face Forward

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When I first partook of liquid foundation, I swore mighty oaths that I would never go back to powder. Who needed the dry chalkiness, the sneezing fits, the dust that settled into creases and turned fine lines into gaping chasms of oh-my-God-I'm-not-20-anymore? Woe! I cried. Woe upon powder foundation and DOUBLE WOE upon loose minerals that billowed into mini-dust clouds and made me feel like I snorted an entire tin of talcum powder.

Plus, my skin is of the oilier persuasion and powders tend to smudge once my overactive sebaceous glands go into hyperdrive, so when Afterglow Cosmetics' starter kit landed on my doorstep, I was skeptical. And sure enough, the heavens didn't open, nor did choirs of angels burst into song. But they came pretty close.
Available in three shades (light, medium, deep medium), the $68 starter kit consists of organic mineral foundation in two different shades (for mixing and blending), an organic mineral blush, and an organic setting powder, as well as soft-as-silk Baby Kabuki and concealer brushes made from Taklon—all in a foxy silver makeup bag.

Coverage was amazing—not liquid-foundation amazing, but they did a better job of camouflaging blemishes and minor imperfections than other powders I've tried, without caking, accentuating flaws (and wrinkles), or looking over-the-top made-up. And here's where mineral granules trump fluid; instead of being flat and matte, my face took on a soft, luminous glow. Meanwhile, the blush, in the totally delicious shade "Smitten," imparted a deep coral flush, although the ultraconcentrated pigment was so intense, I had to brush on more foundation to diffuse the tone. A little of this definitely goes the proverbial long way. Be gentle.

As the day wore on, the makeup held up surprisingly well, requiring only a couple of touch-ups with the oil-absorbing translucent setting powder to control shine. (Remember those out-of-control oil glands of mine?)

So it appears my outright dismissal of powders was premature. Allow me to recant: Liquid foundation and cream blushes might be my mainstays for looking my best, but it won't hurt to indulge in a little mineral magic on the side. And no one will have to be the wiser.

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