Adorable Wool Felt Slippers and Accessories, by Oveja Verde

Wool Felt Slippers by Oveja Verde

Photos: Courtesy of Oveja.Verde.

With organic cotton being almost inexistent as a crop in Argentina and bamboo barely present, wool felt is one of the few local and sustainable materials that designers have in this country for fashion and accessories. This is why lately we've been seen a good development of it, and some interesting applications like Planar's mamushka bags.

Following the trend we know bring you Oveja.Verde, a new firm that's experimenting with felt from natural, unprocessed and unbleached wool, which they are even making themselves. Their products are all hand made and hand embroidered and dyed with natural pigments.

More pics in the extended!!Oveja.Verde is run by Cintia Boroni and Diego Oneto, two young designers who were after developing a sustainable business when they discovered the felt. They began studying how to produce it and also experimenting how to combine it with other things such as dying, embroidery and serigraphy.

The result was a line of slippers and bags that show a coherence between them but that are also one-of-a-kind.


All of their products are hand made from beginning to end, starting from the felt, which they make themselves, the prints, and the embroidery.

Apart from the slippers and bags shown here, they're also developing hats and shoes.


"Our goal is to make the entire life cycle of the product sustainable, but we still have a long way to go," says Boroni.

So far their products are on prototype phase, but they're preparing to start selling in no time. For more info, contact them through their website: Oveja.Verde.


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