Adorable Handmade Baby Ponchos Made with Recycled Plastic Bottles

eco fleece childrens photo
Photo: Peri Ponchos

If you like to dress your WeeHugger in elf-inspired ethical fashion, Portland, Oregon-based Peri Ponchos has just the ticket. They now have a new line of adorable children's fleece ponchos made with post-consumer 2-liter plastic soda bottles and they are sure to keep your kid warm -- and looking pretty darn cute.

eco fleece childrens photo
Photo: Peri Ponchos

Born in 2002, Peri Ponchos was founded by a mother who made a hand sewn poncho for her daughter. It became the talk of the schoolyard and the mother, Peri Prestopino, continued to make the ponchos for other wee ones.

eco fleece childrens photo

The ponchos are available in 4 sizes, suitable for children aged 6 months to ten years, and the eco-line comes in two shades of grey, are adorned with clever details, such as a flower trim, pom poms, and a tassle, available in blue, peach, or pink.

They're priced out at $46 and are conveniently available online at Peri Ponchos.

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