Adili — The Best Of Ethical Fashion


As we regularly see here on TreeHugger the market for ethical fashion just keeps growing and growing. This was made very clear at London Fashion Week back in September where they devoted a whole section to showing ethical and eco fashion. The latest online fashion store on the British eco-block is Adili. They took advantage of the green publicity from London Fashion Week by launching Adili at the end of September. Since then their collection has grown steadily and now, just in time for some convenient Christmas shopping, they are stocking an impressive list of ethical brands. They concentrate on women's fashion, sorry guys you only get to choose from a range of t-shirts, but they also include kids, babies, linen and cosmetics too. "Adili is the Swahili word for 'ethical and just'. As a company Adili believes that it is possible for fashion to be both stylish and made in an ethical and just way; in a way that gives rather than takes from people and the planet; in a way that upholds the dignity of those along the supply chain." Adili joins a fast growing list of TreeHugger's online shopping favourites such as The Natural Collection, Coco's Shoppe, The Natural store, Beklina and Green Loop. ::Adili