Adhesif Channels Garden Party Florals for Spring 2011 (Photos)

adhesif spring 2011 photo
Photo: Adhesif Clothing Company

Working with vintage silk scarves, reclaimed jersey, and other vintage fabrics, Vancouver-based Adhesif Clothing draws on the youthful days of summer with their floral pattern-packed spring 2011 collection--don't miss their Alice in Wonderland-inspired spring 2010 collection.

From relaxed-fitting floral shorts to a multi-patterned collared dress, designer Melissa Ferreira says, this season is "all about dainty details like bows, frilled collars and little vintage buttons!" More photos:
adhesif spring 2011 photo
adhesif spring 2011 photo
adhesif spring 2011 photo
adhesif spring 2011 photo
adhesif spring 2011 photo
All photos: Adhesif Clothing Company

The one-of-a-kind and hand-made designs range in price from $118 for the Full Bloom Blouse to $142 for the flirty Wild Flower Frock. Visit Adhesif Clothing online, on Etsy, or if you're in Vancouver, BC, visit the Adhesif Clothing Company boutique at 2202 Main Street.

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