Adelman Birchlights Candle Holders

Evolved out of a multi-family craft day some twenty years ago, the original intention for Birchlights was children- and family-friendly gift-making—that is, until Birchlights took on a life of their own.

Now hand-made in the Saco River valley of Maine, for like-minded TreeHuggers who live beyond the area, the pretty birch used is all native and is harvested and processed at the home of Rick Bates. The au naturel candle holders are available in packages of one, two, or three, each holder ranging in height from about four to eight inches, and about three to six inches in diameter.

"The most popular candles have proven to be high-quality beeswax," says Bates, unsurprisingly. "The birch is as natural as it gets, the beeswax candles the same, and copper inserts," which are placed into the wooden trunks, "are a concession to fire safety."

Packaging is lovingly made out of cardboard boxes of recycled content with appropriate cushioning. Maine birch candleholders, the way life should be! Available at ::Butter, or e-mail [by MO]

Adelman Birchlights Candle Holders
Now hand-made in the Saco River valley of