Actress Julia Stiles Parodies Celeb Designers With Mock Eco-Fashion Line

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Screenshot credit: Styles by Stiles

Actress Julia Stiles, whose oeuvre runs the gamut from drippy rom-coms (Down to You, The Prince and Me) to blockbuster thrillers (the Bourne trilogy), busts out her comedic chops in an online lampoon of celebrities-turned-fashion-designers, specifically skewering stars who paint themselves as paragons of altruism and virtue.

Stiles teams up with The Vacationeers, a Los Angeles-based comedy troupe, to introduce Styles by Stiles, a 100 percent recycled men's fashion collection that includes an ensemble comprising a newspaper suit, a tie made out of Swiffer wipes, and a pair of very uncomfortable-looking tissue-box shoes. "People say the newspaper industry is dying, but it's living. Living on your body," Stiles deadpans.

Fans of Stiles' "Save the Last Shants," a shirt inspired by a homeless man that doubles as—you guessed it—pants, are outta luck. Everything's sold out, although you are invited to make a donation to The Lunchbox Fund, which provides food for impoverished children in two South African schools.

[Via Ecorazzi]

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