Abu Yoyo: Bagging a City's Billboard Surplus

Thousands of meters of advertising billboard plastic was getting thrown away every month in Tel Aviv. While the fate of highway banner advertising around Tel Aviv is yet to be determined, Noami of Abu Yoyo (means piggybacking in Hebrew) has found a good means of recycling what remains.

She makes wallets, bags, and book binders out of old banner advertisements and indirectly sells her products back to the people who bought the initial billboard advertisements. Namoi writes, "In my small studio in Tel Aviv I am designing and producing bags and accessories for the office and home, which are all made of used advertisement banners.

"In the struggle to forbid the large ads in Tel Aviv and on the highways, little is said about the material those things are made out of well, it's plastic, a very toxic variety, and tons of it is disposed of in unfriendly ways. Only in Tel Aviv, at least 6,900 meters of it are produced and disposed of every month!"

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::Abu YoYo via ::ISRAEL21c

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