ABC Home Strikes Green Gold with Grounded Jewels


What is "the world's largest retailer of carpets" doing selling environmentally and ethically responsible jewellery? It's a question that could also have been asked when they started selling organic homewares, or a line of organic home cleaning products. In the press release launching the jewellery to be known as the Grounded Jewel Collection, Paulette Cole, CEO of ABC Home, said, "It's a natural progression to develop collections that are in line with our values. With the environmental movement steadily gaining momentum, consumers are open to incorporating "green" into all aspects of their life, and this is an obvious niche to fill. [albeit one also inhabited by the likes of GreenKarat] As a mission-based company, we feel that compassionate and sustainably created jewelry resonates with a greater magnitude of beauty and can be worn with a deeper sense of purpose." The shiny stones for the collection will be sourced via Pride Diamonds, described as "one of the most progressive companies cultivating responsibly mined diamonds in Sierra Leone," for their focus on "ethical working conditions, gender equality, high daily wages, endorsement of mining unions, environmental responsibility (filling holes and planting crops) and extensive community outreaching." ABC suggest that Pride go well beyond the minimum certification that outlaws conflict or blood diamonds. The initial pieces have been designed by Sarah Perlis' and feature hand-hammered 18K to 22K recycled gold. ::ABC Home.