'Suitcase' by Edson Raupp


Another curious entry lifted from the list of snazzy threads compiled in the shopping guide of Well Fashioned. This is the website that backs up the recent exhibition of the same name that we visited in London. Thought we'd use Suitcase (clever name) as a reminder that the collected ensembles are now touring the UK, currently wowing them in Leicester, before trucking off to Barnsley, Portsmouth and thence Wolverhampton. Edson may have bored of hanging around his tailoring business in Brazil, because these day he chops up suits, instead of sewing them. He does however remanufacture their sleeves, pockets, lapels, buttonholes and buttons into new renderings as funky accessories. A pin striped handbag, if you will. As the blurb says, "The classic nature of the English gentlemen's jacket is retained but an almost surreal aspect is developed, exemplifying a British eccentricity." Indeed. An embryonic website can be found at — ::Suitcase -London