A Person Can Develop a Bad, Bad Cold

It’s cold time, with the wheezes and the sneezes and a sinus that's really a pip... Instead of searching desperately through your handbag or pockets for a dirty tissue, try an age-old solution: the handkerchief. Before they even knew about the environment our fathers used them—a clean, ironed white hankie in the breast pocket of the suit jacket. So did our grandmothers: flowery, sweet and smelling of eau de cologne. And now we can. Softer on the nose and kinder to the environment, carrying a real handkerchief instead of tissues cuts down on the use of paper. Look for vintage ones in second hand shops; they are often made of fine cotton with lovely old or retro prints. Or buy new pretty designer cotton ones. These were written up in Vogue so you know that their time has come. They add a whole new decorum to the nose-blowing business. :: Atishoo

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