A Good Night Kiss's Tub Tea Blends Make a Bath to Remember

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A bath? A bath, you say? Why yes, a bath, I do declare. I'm stressed, you're stressed, we're all hunched over our workstations with a battalion of knots taking up permanent residence in our backs. (Glance at your 401k, lately?) There are worse ways to blow off steam than luxuriating in a tubful of warm soapy water, like kicking the crap out of helpless kittens or going on a one-person crusade to rescue the ailing retail industry with the company credit card. Green guilt may question the occasional self-indulgence, but let's face it, you're taking a bath, not firing up a coal plant.

A Good Night Kiss's fragrant tub-tea blends ($24) brew up a relaxing soak in as much time as it takes to run a bath. Each biodegradable, pre-mixed sachet is chockfull of skin-pampering organic ingredients, like rolled oats, brown rice, Darjeeling tea, and tofu, as well as pure essential oils for an extra aromatherapeutic zing.

With evocative names that make you want to steal a sip, the custom blends are designed to cure what ails you—or at least make it suck less. If you're feeling bummed, get your groove back with No. 2 New York City Chai, a mix of cardamon, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Feeling vulnerable? Steep your inner child in No. 6 Motherhood's infusion of white tea, granulated honey, and sunflower oil. For a quick staycay, reinvigorate your spirit with No. 9 Caribbean Splendor, complete with sea salt, shredded coconut, and chunks of cocoa butter, mon!

And if a bath still feels indecorous, buddy up and make it a tea for two. If nothing else, do it for the kittens.

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