A Cute + Sexy way to Demonstrate: Pants to Poverty's Peace + Love Underwear

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The tension is building on the eve of the G20 summit in London with the ongoing threats of violent disruption to the proceedings. 35000 people enjoyed a peaceful demonstration at the G20 rally in Hyde Park on Saturday, so for those who want to smash city windows in this week we recommend putting on a pair of Pants to Poverty's Peace + Love pants and thinking about how to get your message across in a proactive, not destructive way. Click through for more cute designs...

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We love Pants to Poverty's 'grain to groin' design process which uses Fairtrade organic cotton manufactured by tribal cotton farmers in India with their proceeds being used to "establish child-labor-free cotton programmes in developing countries all in the spirit of fashion, charity and ethical consumerism."

Love pants by Pants to Poverty photo

Image via: Pants to Poverty

We're also pretty keen on Pants To Poverty's tendency to gather large groups of people in public and getting them to strip down to their underwear and shout out loud "Pants to Poverty". Having grown out of the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005 these guys really know how to protest in a positively traffic stopping way.

It would seem like a good idea to send a few pairs to the leaders of the G20 summit this week to get them thinking in their pants about some positive solutions to poverty. Just in case Obama and Brown don't know where to find them these Zakee Shariff designs are available to buy online at the Pants to Poverty Store.

Pants to Poverty
Zakee Shariff

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