A Case For Recycled Tire Bags & Chic New Models By Cyclus

Purse From Recycled Tires by Cyclus - Photo

Photos: Cyclus-col.com

If you've been around the green scene for some time, you may feel some ideas get a little tired over time. That could have been the case for bags from recycled tires, but ever since I got one (not from this brand, of course) I've felt quite in love with it: it doesn't need any cleaning and looks exactly the same every time, resembles leather nicely (which as a vegetarian I don't use or buy) but you can see it's something else, and the rubber is super durable. At the final disposal it gets a little tricky, but I really don't see that coming for a long time, and when I need to get rid of it I suppose it can be recycled into something like flooring as regular tires.

For all of these reasons, I was happy to see Colombian brand Cyclus' new models, which are from recycled tires but also very chic.

Purse From Recycled Tires by Cyclus - Photo

Backpack From Recycled Tires by Cyclus - Photo

Very different from Mexican designer Mecha's or Argentine brand Neumatica's, Cyclus has several collections, including one for girls night out and another of bike accessories.

We had talked about them briefly some time ago , but they've really come a long way and have extended their work in interesting ways.

Bike-Bag From Recycled Tires by Cyclus - Photo

Bike-Bag From Recycled Tires by Cyclus - Photo

Cyclus is based in Bogotá and also sells online. For more, visit their website.

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