8 Halloween Costumes That Will Scare Environmentalists

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You could always go as a CO2 molecule...
Because being green doesn't mean losing your sense of humor, we thought this tongue in cheek (we hope) list of 8 Halloween Costumes That Will Scare Environmentalists was kind of funny. Okay, not very funny, but maybe our readers can do better?

If you have ideas of Halloween costumes that would truly be scary to greenies, please share your ideas in the comments. The US News list can be found below.

  1. Safari Hunter
  2. Grocery Bag
  3. Sushi
  4. Lumberjack
  5. Gas Pump
  6. Steak
  7. Sarah Palin
  8. Cow With Whoopee Cushion

But whatever you do, before Halloween, check out our How to Go Green Halloween guide.

Via USNews Blogs
Thanks to Tipster April Amato. Photo by Plutor, CC license.
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