7 Must-Read Green Fashion Blogs

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The Web is full of resources for eco-minded fashionistas, whether you like to focus on the latest trends (produced from sustainable materials), do-it-yourself pieces that help you stand out from the crowd, or creative ways to wear vintage. We narrowed this list down to seven of the most essential sites (and let's not forget TreeHugger's Fashion & Beauty category, updated daily!) just begging for a spot on your RSS feed.

1. Ecofabulous

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If Ecofabulous is already your go-to source for the best environmentally-friendly goods for home goods, kids' gear, gift ideas, and food products, then it should be no surprise that the Ecofabulous fashion blog is just as essential. Men's and women's items, accessories, bags, jewelry, and even pieces for the junior set keep your entire family looking smart (and living green).

2. Kaight

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New York City boutique Kaight stocks the green scene's best designers and newest fashions, but if you can't make it into the store then draw constant inspiration from the store's updated-daily blog, KaightNYC. From must-have colors to up-and-coming designers, the blog will keep you in the know on every fashion front--and if you see something you like, email the owners directly to order through the store's online shop.

3. Green Grechen

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Image via Green Grechen

If your super-stylish, always-eco-conscious best friend had a Web site, the resulting blog would be a lot like Green Grechen: full of killer sales and giveaways, how-tos on everything from vintage shopping to choosing the perfect nail color, and product highlights that include flirty summer dresses, chic eco-shoes, and jewelry that makes a statement.

4. Fashion, Evolved

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While the interviews, designer highlights, and quick links to purchase great pieces are all part of what makes Fashion, Evolved a must-read, it's the weekly roundups of other sites and goods that are truly can't miss. Check in for a roundup of any fashion news you might have missed from around the web, and for fashion, accessory, and beauty picks perfect for any closet.

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