7 Gorgeous Jewellery Designs Made of Wacky Green Materials

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Image from maria bellucci

We love jewellery at TreeHugger: But there is jewellery and there is jewellery. Here's a wild and wacky look at some of the more "unique" offerings around. You may not always want to wear a brooch made out of coloured pencils (see image above) or a necklace made out of driftwood or salmon skin....but for that special occasion, here are some ideas.

1. Coloured Pencils

Maria Bellucci was a theatre costume designer which may explain her sense of colour and adventure. And use of cheap materials to make something dramatic looking. In her work she uses thin thin sheets of silver and coloured pencils. For some pieces she slices the length of the pencil and uses the tops, in other pieces she cuts sideways and uses the length. She makes bracelets, rings, cuff links and brooches.

2. Regular Pencils

gemma holt photo
Image from Gemma Holt

If coloured pencils aren't your thing, or you prefer a more minimalist look, then Gemma Holt is your girl. She makes jewellery out of pencils which are glued together. The necklace and bangle are created from black regulation pencils. The artist has created her own hallmark on them (pictured). Not content with pencils, she has also re-sculpted the ubiquitous BIC pen so that it bulges into a tulip bulb at the top. She likes to play with the everyday items and reveal something unique about the objects we take for granted.

3. Plants and Spices

sarah hood photo
Image from Sarah Hood Sarah Hood makes jewellery using plants and spices. She creates botanical pieces cast from real natural forms in sterling silver and other metals. Hood makes use of real flowers, petals, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus and acorns and turns them into exquisite necklaces, bracelets and rings. The one pictured is made of sterling silver and Chinese lantern pods, the most delicate of plants. A necklace is made from nutmeg pods hanging from a silver cord. Another is made from acorns on a silver chain.

4. Sugar Crystals

sugar crystals photo
Image from Dezeen Greetje van Helmond makes her jewellery out of sugar crystals, so you will never have to worry if you have a craving... They look like quartz but must be worn discerningly. She creates the jewellery by growing sugar crystals onto cord suspended in a supersaturated solution. Just don't sweat too much while you wear it. It's labour intensive: "With a lot of time and effort I believe one can make apparently banal and cheap materials into something beautiful," she says.

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