60BAG is DIsposable and Reusable

60bag recyclable bag photo

Image from 60BAG

More and more creative solutions to the plastic bag dilemma are popping up. The latest, 60BAG from Poland, is a biodegradable carrier bag made out of flax-viscose non-woven fabric.

The 60BAG decomposes naturally in about 60 days (hence the name). They can be composted or safely burnt which means they don’t require any recycling processes.

bag60 recyclable photo

Image from 60BAG

Since the fabric is made out of the industrial waste from flax fibre, it doesn't use any extra natural resources and requires little energy to produce. The technology and materials enable the bags to decompose naturally approximately 60 days after being discarded.

This is a major breakthrough because it means they don't need expensive recycling or disposal in landfills. They are sturdy enough to be used repeatedly, but break down quickly when thrown out.

Designed by Katarzyna Okinczyc and Remigiusz Truchanowicz, the bags look pretty good too. They come in a range of sizes and shapes and stores can put their logo on the side. Welcome to the eco-market, Poland. 60BAG Via : psfk

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