5 in 1: A New Kind of Boutique for a Slow-Fashion Nation

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A new fashion revolution is brewing in Williamsburg, fueled by a faltering economy, a desire to rein in the frenetic pace of senseless spending, and the spirit of reinvention. Brooklyn design collective/boutique 5 in 1 recently relaunched with a decidedly innovative twist: a weekend shopping experience with the designers themselves.

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Open only Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 5 in 1 is run by eight local designers, including Helena Fredriksson of H.Fredriksson, Caroline Priebe of ULURU, Mary Meyer of Mary Meyer Clothing, and Susan Domelsmith of Dirty Librarian Chains.

In lieu of hired shop clerks, each of the designers has to man the shop one full weekend every six to eight weeks, although they get to decide what "work" actually involves, whether it's one-on-one tête-à-têtes with clients, trunk shows, sample sales, or something more experimental.

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Photo credit: 5 in 1

"The 5 in 1 retail space gives designers an opportunity to work together, share resources, experiment and give the customer a personal and curated shopping experience," Ariell Ilunga, the group's spokeswoman, tells TreeHugger. "A 5 in 1 customer is able to engage in conversation with the designer about their process, materials, fit, concept, and cost. These sort of exchanges are not only good for the business but nourish them as artists personally, creatively, and emotionally."

Besides the participating designers, 5 in 1 will also host other designers on consignment, currently Bliss Lau and A Peace Treaty.

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