5 Green Fashion Accessories to Keep a Girl (Looking) Hot in Winter

red purple scarf

Hand-knit Peruvian Alpaca scarf. Photo: Planet Threads

Do you look more like a walking snowman in the wintertime, disappearing under a layer of layers in your effort to keep the thermostat turned down? With a few wardrobe updates, it's possible for a girl to be warm in the winter months and still look, ahem, hot.

To help nip frost bite in the bud, we've rounded up five essential green fashion accessories for winter that will keep you warm, comfy, cozy--and stylish, too.

1. Wrap Up with a Cozy Hand-Knit Peruvian Alpaca Scarf

That's right, it's a bright scarf that keeps you warm and cozy, yet looking incredibly chic and stylish, too. Mayu's 'Ruffle Scarf' made from 100% hand-knit Peruvian alpaca fiber--available in a variety of colors, including, red, black, chocolate, creme, eggplant, and grey--says goodbye to a somber wardrobe. Find it at Planet Threads for $120.

2. Fingerless Gloves Keep Hands Warm and Fingers Able

usb heated gloves photo
Photo: USB Brando

If you're a stickler for keeping the heat down during chilly winter months and you want to keep your digits intact while working on the computer, these fingerless gloves are for you.

The bright gloves are heated and plug right in to your USB port; they use your computer or game station as its energy source. You can find these bright gloves at USB Brando--or for a muted color palette, try them in gray--for $22.

3. Combat Strong Winter Winds with Stylish Sunglasses

eco modo sunglasses photo
Photo: Modo

While sunglasses are most often associated with summer, they also are a lifesaver on windy winter days--unless you don't mind wearing a ski mask off the slopes. From eyewear company Modo's line of green eyeglasses, called Earth Conscious Optics (ECO), you can look good and feel better, knowing that your designer eye wear is made from at least 95- if not 100- percent recycled stainless steel and repurposed plastic.

These classic sunnies come in many more shapes and sizes; this particular style is available in sizes for men and women, and can be found at Modo Shop for $129. Or if you're in New York City, visit their brick-and-mortar shop in Nolita.

4. Prevent 'Cold Feet' with Toasty Hand-Knitted Slippers

people tree slippers photo
Photo: People Tree

There's nothing like the comfort of stripping off cold, wet winter boots and slipping on warm, toasty slippers. People Tree offers hand-knitted slippers, made in Nepal with recycled wool yarn; these comfy kicks call for hand washing, too, which means less wasted water. For our Euro readers, find these striped slippers--available in pink or grey--at People Tree for £14 (about $22).

5.Get a Leg Up on the Cold with Trendy Thigh-High Leg Warmers

thigh high leg warmers photo
Photo: Inhabitat Shop

Once the thermometer drops below zero degrees, cold air is drawn toward exposed skin. Cover up with leg warmers that extend above the lower calf--all the way to mid-thigh. This pair is hand knit by Gail Travis of NIT and available in a 100% bamboo fabric for cool fall days and superfine merino wool for freezing winter nights. Find them at Inhabitat Shop for $105.

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