5 Calorie-Free Organic Chocolate Skincare Treats (You Won't Gain a Pound, We Promise!)

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Chocolate may be soul food, but skin food? The concept isn't as far-fetched as you might think. Packed with a raft of wrinkle-battling antioxidants--twice as much as that in red wine and up to three times those found in green tea, according to a 2003 Cornell University study--the decadent dessert is said to boost complexions by fighting free-radical damage, as well as softening and conditioning your skin with its high concentration of cocoa butter. With a hefty dose of caffeine to bolster circulation, along with an intoxicating aroma that triggers the release of feel-good serotonin, chocolate may be more of a skin salve than its misbegotten rep as a blemish-inducer lets on.

Before you can say "trend alert!" we found five skincare collections that worship at the altar of the humble cacao bean. And because your choice of chocolate matters, all of them use certified-organic cocoa, some of which is fair-trade-certified, as well. Talk about a guilt-free chocolate fix.

Chocolate Sun

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Photo credit: Chocolate Sun

For a warm, mocha-not-orange faux glow, slap on Chocolate Sun's organic sunless tanner, which eschews synthetic chemicals in favor of botanically derived active ingredients, including dihydroxyacetone (DHA) sourced from sugar beets. Infused with cocoa, green tea extract, and hydration-packed plant oils (jojoba, sunflower, sweet almond), the bronzing creams span the sun-kissed spectrum, from light and subtle to dark and deep.

Sweet Beauty

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Photo credit: Sweet Beauty Sweet Beauty's crave-worthy lip balms are a mouthwatering indulgence, but your kisser isn't the only body part deserving of organic, fair-trade frosting. Slather yourself in the Chocolate Body Cream, luxuriate in a Chocolate Milk Bath, or exfoliate yourself from top down with the Tangerine Truffle Sugar Scrub. Bambino in the house? Get a whiff of Sweet Beauty's Baby Massage & Bath Oil, Baby Balm, and Baby Lotion, all of which will make chomping on your wee cherub's chubby little thighs even more difficult to resist.

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