4 New Designers to Watch at London Fashion Week


Image via: London Fashion Week

One more example of how eco-fashion is so not crunchy and so mainstream is the Renegade Fashion Show taking place in front of the Museum of Natural History during London's Fashion Week this year. Organized by the Conscious Design Collective, all artists featured are up and coming young designers, who use organic, recycled, and fair trade fabrics, as well as cutting edge designs and clean lines.

More images after the jump.Who will be featured at this fashion renegade parade?

Tammam Jane Print Fanny and Nancy Dress Photo
Tammam, designs clothing witha 30's and 40's feel to it - complete with pleats, and sparkly embellishments to complete the period. Dresses and skirt sets all have classy styles that belong on the set of Mad Men or a classic gangster movie set.

Tammam Dress and Skirt Photo

Elena Garcia handmakes each piece with felt, cutwork embroidery and shibori dyeing with all organic fabrics. Since pieces are handmade, they can be tailored to specifically fit the individual.
Elena Garcia Button Tank and Pants Photo
Elena Garcia Off the Shoulder Top Photo

Contrary to the first two designers, Miksa blends urban streetwear with organic fashion. The outfits are cute and chic and tend to look at little like they could be casual beachwear.

Miksa Jacket and Tank Dress Photo

Bibico creates outfits using fair trade labor and materials, creating something they call fashionably fair. Outfits are fun and comfortable, and look like something you could wear to a backyard barbecue or to a picnic in the park.

Bibico Tank and Pink Skirt Photo

Bibico Pink Coverup Dress Photo

Bel Esprit, the international fashion showroom is supporting the event, and also sells several of the designs during non-Fashion Week. London Fashion Week begins February 20-25, 2009. Another place to peep the latest in eco-fashion is the Estethica Room where designers display their latest eco-creations.

:Bel Esprit :London Fashion Week
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