365 Upcycled, DIY Dresses (All Under $1) [Photos]

day 178 photo

Image via New Dress A Day

If you've ever stumbled upon a sad looking frock in a thrift shop with no clue how to salvage the material there's a new (to us) blog that will show how in 365 ways: New Dress A Day. For one year, the blog's resident DIY'er has sworn off buying new clothes and instead is sifting through flea markets, garage sales, and secondhand shops for clothing that she then upcycles into modern apparel. The catch: She has a $365 budget for the year. She bares all the DIY steps on her blog, too, so you can take part at home. View some of our favorite before-and-after photos:

day-179 photo

day-183 photo

day 189 before after

day 184 photo

All images via New Dress A Day

Find out how Marissa got from before to after with step-by-step details--and all the DIY-goodness--at New Dress A Day.