302designs Introduces Organic Tees


Elevation (left) and Metamorphosis

302designs recently added a few organic-cotton designs to its stable of 100 percent sweatshop-free T-shirts, each of which sprouts a thought-provoking phrase—crafted by a team of "fashion poets"—that has become the Austin, Texas-based clothing company's trademark.

The two women's designs are Elevation ("Let not the colors of your feathers determine your heights.") and Metamorphosis ("You are not the same person you were before. shed your skin."). For the men, you have Crescendo ("There's a fire in me, a passion so hot, that if you tapped it, you'd get burned."), Passion ("Passion is the fuel of the heart.") and No Limits ("Words don't limit who we are.") Prices start at $28.

More photos below the fold. ::302designs




No Limits

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