3 Reusable Dry-Cleaning Garment Bags

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Dry cleaning may be a necessary evil, but the plastic waste that comes draped over your togs doesn't have to be. The recent Go Green Expo held at New York City's fancy Hilton digs presented us with no less than three reusable options, so you can protect your precious cleaned-and-pressed cargo to and from the dry cleaner's sans plastic wrap.


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Jane Wyler created her reusable Clothesnik two decades ago but put her company on hold to raise her three daughters. Now her 100 percent cotton dry-cleaning bags are back to give their single-use brethren the old heave-ho.

The Clothesnik ($30, plus shipping) comes with a drawstring at the bottom and a zipper down the front, so you can use it like a laundry bag to bundle your dingies to the dry cleaner's and then hang your clean clothes up on the flip side for the return journey home.

The Green Garmento

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Made from recyclable—though not recycled—non-woven polypropelyne, the Green Garmento ($9.99 to $12.99) is a three-in-one sack that multitasks as a duffle, a hanging garment bag, and a laundry hamper. It's available in five lengths, from 40 inches to 72 inches, and can be recycled when it's ready for the Great Dry Cleaner in the Sky by sending it back to the company.

Want a free bag? Supply The Green Garmento with your dry cleaner or local eco-tailer's deets, pony up $8 for shipping and handling, and you'll get a coupon code you can apply to a Garmento of your own.

A Green Day

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The greenest—and most spendy—option of the bunch, A Green Day's $55 organic cotton garment bag comes in multiple lengths: 46 inches, 52 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. Embroidered with the company's logo and motto ("Make it a green day") on one side, the bag can be also customized with your company's logo. A less-expensive version, in nylon, can also be purchased on the site for $20.

And if you harbor fantasies of being part of the Hollywood A-list, you can get the same limited-edition garment bag that was given out to celebs at NAACP Image Awards and the 2009 Academy Awards for $98—a trifle by Tinseltown standards.

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