20 Green Fashion Designers You've Never Heard Of—But Oh You Will (Slideshow)

Label clothing photo

Photo credit: Label
Karen Stewart and Howard Brown, Jenny Hwa, and Linda Loudermilk are household names—well, okay, if you live in the kind of home where green togs regularly crop up in dinner conversation—but there's a rising phalanx of upcoming designers ready to vie for your sartorial affections.

In this slideshow, we feature 20 environmentally savvy fashion designers who haven't quite achieved the same level of acclaim as the big guns of sustainable style, whether it's due to their label's youth, geographic locale, or lack of attention from the media. (Us included. Mea culpa!) We guarantee, however, that you'll be hearing more about these haute-to-trot talents before long—in fact, we'll bet our Olsen Haus vegan pumps on it.

With thanks to the fab Amy DuFault for her brilliant suggestions.


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