$1,260 Jacket, $980 Pants Prove Solar Fashion Has A Long Way To Go

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Images via Silvr Lining

Despite the fact that solar cell technology is constantly improving, there seems to be little indication that fashion incorporating those solar cells is improving at all. Example: Silvr Lining's GO Solar Power Collection. Their new line of jackets, vests and cargo pants sport solar panels for charging gadgets while on the go. However, they probably won't do you much good since you likely won't want to leave the house wearing them. According to Gizmag, the line includes "a hip-length, Bush-style Director's Jacket, hooded Utility Vest, 3/4 length Myer's Topper overcoat and Urban Cargo Pant, so you can be decked from head to toe in sunlight harnessing apparel. All garments are made from Ultrasuede, a 100 percent polyester fabric that feels like natural suede but is resistant to stains and discoloration, is easy to wash and dry, and is animal-friendly."

The two 6"x8" solar cells on each pocket of an item is set up to charge a mobile phone, mp3 player or other device plugged in to them. And each item can hold an additional two panels, which can be purchased separately.

That is, if you have any money leftover. The cargo pants cost a whopping $920, and the Myer's Topper is a ridiculous $1,260.

Inhabitat states, "Composed of animal-friendly Ultrasuede, this casual and comfy cargo is lightweight, water-resistant, stain-repellent, and tough as nails. We think this could be a great piece for hitting the snowy and sunny slopes this winter!"

Though I'm not convinced anyone who is hitting the slopes will be excited to wear one of these odd-looking items. The creators of the line have their minds and hearts in the right places by trying to incorporate off-grid, renewable charging of electronics into everyday life and fashion. Eco-friendly? It sounds like it. But stylish? Not so much. And affordable? Definitely not.

I must again ask designers: Please stop designing ugly solar clothing. C'mon fashion industry, you can do better.

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