12-Na's Clothes Re-Interpretation


"We design, interfere, transform, reinvent classics, communicate garments, combine spirits, make tributes, mix periods of time; by their design, by their process, by their finale". That's how 12-Na (which when read forms the word docena, that means dozen in Spanish) romantically introduces their work with clothes recycling. "We take the concept of collection as an analogy to the collections in the art world: we believe each piece has to be unique", they claim. They work with tailors and seamstresses, without industrial workshops or production chains; and they sell at a showroom in Buenos Aires and also in several shops around the world: Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Italy and Spain. If you're in or around any of these places, get the address of the nearest sales point and check 12-Na's clothes. You can also check some pieces of their latest collection online, though it's not clear which store they're from (most probably Buenos Aires). ::12-Na